The things we do to cope

So I have kept busy these last few weeks nd June will be interesting. I have 1.5 weeks left of craziness and then I will take a month to reflect.
My green bedroom and slowly creating a space in which I can hide from the world and feel comfortable has been a huge part of feeling better. I am very lucky to have a job with fun coworkers, I have a fantastic roommate who does dishes for me and many other tasks when my mind can’t focus, and my health is reasonable of late. Therese many other things I am thankful for but don’t have time to name.
I went to the farmer’s market at the Brickworks Saturday, I had fun and learned many things. I will be learning this summer, testing and adventuring to see what it is I need.






I will hopefully post more photos, I see many things on my route to and from work but pictures on a bike, not the easiest.

Goodnight internet peoples


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