Welcoming spring pt.1

The last week has kicked me down and around but I gave myself until Sunday to feel bad.
It is now Monday, so no more feeling bad.

Friday was a day of errands and then a night out for a friend’s birthday. We went to the town crier and it had lovely good and beers. I will post later about those.

Earlier that day we had seen something a little special at a shop and I wanted it so bad. I had to wait to get it as being upset can make a person buy things and later regret it.

This brings us to Saturday…. I bought the thing I wanted. I’m painting my room this long weekend so this will be a special something to aid with the transformation. Here is a sneak peek:


You will need to wait for part 2 of this post to see the whole thing.

I want to play a game while I wait for my white roses. It will take a while until I see them so this will help brighten my days and nights until then. Oooohhh if only Tamaki were real, sadly he is but an anime character.

Until part 2 my lovelies, princess BiBi is out!


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