Prohibition Gastrohouse

What can I say but wow.

It was busy the moment I walked in and waited at the bar for a table. They did everything you would expect and more. The people at the bar during the “Hooch Hour” were pleasantly talkative after a few cheap pints and wanted to chat and give advice to a first-timer.

The suggestions for the food were plenty, nothing apparently was bad on the menu. I opted for the pulled pork grilled cheese and my friend had the bison burger. They were attentive but not overly so, we hadn’t seen each other for a long time and they read the situation. It was a perfect night. The beer selection was good staples and the offer for help selecting was always there should you need it to pair the food with beer.

I will definitely go there again for sure. Next time I will try for the 4-7 or the 10-12 Hooch Hour.

Bon appetit lovelies!


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