From the quiet mist, a lunatic rises

So I have not disappeared completely my kittens.

There has been much going on and much of it was in my own head. Not that all the personal stuff is dealt with I have come to the realization that several things were holding me back. There was a fear of being noticed and ridiculed, there was a fear of my writing not being good enough for online consumption, and even as silly as my not being good looking enough. That’s right, I believed you all could see me and judge me. Luckily I have snapped myself out of this but with the help of the procrastination fairy I have been doing many other things and now have much to do still.

I have also applied for more jobs because who doesn’t want to work 24 hours a day doing what they love? This gal has decided that’s what she wants!

The reasons I hesitated, the reasons I was afraid, I cannot let them hold me back forever. No matter how scary…. Here we go!


One thought on “From the quiet mist, a lunatic rises

  1. It’s soooooo good to hear from you again! I’ve missed you. 😦 I know your fears are very real to you, but please put them in a little box and throw away the key because you are noticed and not ridiculed, your writing is excellent, and you are smoking hot! So there! 🙂

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