Toi, toil, toil and toil.

There is no trouble, nothing else. Just work. Work. Bah!

OK! I am all work and no play so I must be going something something? You better bet your sweet comment ca va that I am going crazy. There is little sleep, lots of work, and I keep forgetting to eat. Is there anyone willing to become a housekeeper/babysitter? That would be really helpful. Come by, help clean up, make sure I’ve eaten and if anything, make me a sammich? (Oh you know who you are….SAMMICH!!!)

I have been looking at the list of items that are left to be created for the market and it feels overwhelming but I have to admit that there is a way to get me motivated to work if nothing else. I love and there is one person in particular who just comes up with the most brilliant instrumentals and study/work mixes that you become addicted and wait for her new lists to come out. She also has a blog by the way! It is Kim Tsan from out west. I just love her mixes and frankly the only reason I feel from time to time like committing myself to trying to make a mix is because of her.

But we do not need more work right now. Maybe once winter has hit I will think about it! Until then it is back to work my chickies!
Des bis!


One thought on “Toi, toil, toil and toil.

  1. It is hard to motivate myself too. That is why I am going to include a workout time into my schedule next week. Hopefully that will help.

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