Le squeak et le quack.

SO! To just prove how absolutely thick my friends and I are at times, let me tell you the squeak toy incident followed by the quack advice.

I do not have the most concentrated attention span in the world. I can concentrate at times, intensely for a long time and then afterwards it is as if my brain is like “Listen buddy, we worked, I’m tired, it’s done for a while.” I try to plead of course begging it to take up arms again to be able to complete a project but I constantly find it asking questions like “Can we take a break?”, “Can I have a nap?”, “Who the frack do you think you are to tell me to do anything?”, “Just how long do you expect me to put up with this?”, and of course the classic with an all-too-familiar tone “Seriously?”.

After a morning of school work, day job and then an evening of crafting we hit the “Seriously?” point together. I was like, “C’mon, another hour and then we will go to bed. We’ll be so tired that we’ll sleep through the night. Won’t that be lovely?” I was asked again, “Seriously?” My brain knows me all too well because after an hour, I’d repeat the same excuse. So as I am having this intense internal debate, I decide I will get up and have a glass of water and perhaps a pot of tea. Doing so I knock over the little basket of cat toys and step on the squeak toy. Oh god. I kneel down to pick it up or at least shove it aside so I don’t step on any sharp bits and find myself face to face with the squeak ball.

Alright, this may have been fatigued but I spent a good 2 hours staring absently at the tv that had some show on and playing with the squeak toy. The cat looked beyond annoyed. I was thinking of how to squeak slowly and hear all the stages of squeak. When I finally came to, it was 2 hours later, I scolded my brain, brushed my teeth and marched myself to bed.

Now, lately my brain has decided to not listen to me. It never shuts off. So I decided to take a friend’s advice. “Have a glass of wine before bed”. HA! I had a glass and thought,”I’m not sleepy.” Then I had another, and another, and another. Then I think, “Maybe I have had too much…” and march to bed. Waking up the next morning I don’t feel so good and realize that I had a little over 2 bottles to myself in less than 2 hours. Thinking back, I hadn’t had enough water and probably compensated for that. It may be a while before I decide to buy wine if I am drinking alone… The moral of the story, really consider your choices and maybe try and train your mind a bit better than it was the day before.


2 thoughts on “Le squeak et le quack.

  1. Ooh are you OK? My advice would be to go to breed and start visualizing a romantic scene from a book or movie or real life and try to remember as many details as possible. It leads to very nice dreams. 😉

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