Entertaining Efficiency

As of late I have found my new love of Lolita fashion and I was hoping that I could get some designs out and with the move, exams, practicum and still working I have to make sure that I optimize my place and movements so as not to waste any time or effort.

This long weekend was spent cleaning and purging more items from the closets and rooms and the largest room has yet to be done! I have some great fabrics that I hope to use in these designs. Some great floral patterns, saturated and rich colours that I can’t wait to play with. I also have some bow ties (ladies and gents) for which I have been going through my fabrics.

I have been debating for a short while whether or not I should be doing a vlog as well as or instead of my blog? I could see how this could be more entertaining than just words and sporadic pictures but how much work needs to go into this? If anyone has any sort of opinion or advice, please let me know 🙂

Most of my supplies have been purchased for the geek market minus a few bits here and there which I will order this week. My tablemate is Jen from JenEric Designs and she and her hubby are just amazing. I hope I can collaborate more with her in the future (even near future) but until Geek Market we are both so busy who knows what we will be able to do! Sometimes pressure can create beautiful things!


One thought on “Entertaining Efficiency

  1. I have heard that vlogs take a lot of time to edit, so if J is willing to do that part for you so that you still have time for creating, I say go for it! You could host crafters in your area as you make stuff! That would be fun. I can’t wait to see your designs. You are incredibly talented!

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