Who’s in for a little overtime?

For the next 2 months, not to be rude, you will need to book blocks of time with me to hang out. I am so busy with everything that I need to plan plan plan. I probably won’t see much if the sun until September when this will all calm down and I will do my most famous disappearing act!

Was wondering what everyone was looking forward to now that July has hit and that normally means vacation, travel, visiting, or working outdoors?

Nothing like a little outdoorsyness and fresh air to help me feel ready to hit the ground running to work.


One thought on “Who’s in for a little overtime?

  1. July won’t be too busy for me…Bluesfest, Eric’s birthday party and one-shots, and family things. August is going to pick up – We’re going to Toronto at the beginning for Neil Gaiman’s book tour, and then I’m going back to Toronto at the end of August for FAN EXPO!!!! with my mom and sister. OMG SO EXCITED!
    Good luck with your busy life! I hope to see you on Thursdays. 🙂

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