The bug

I can still remember my parents’ reaction when I said I decided on going into fashion. Dad thought I should have been a lawyer and mom thought a psychiatrist. Even after I graduated they both said I should work with the government.

Both of my parents worked hard most of their lives and I can understand they would want things to be easier for me. The fact remains unless I am doing something with my hands, I’m not as happy.

Being a nerd, geek and dork is now popular but growing up it was the complete opposite. A friend and I used to put on shows with our brothers and her sister at times. We made movies, dances together, made costumes and created whole worlds by ourselves. I just want to do that professionally now.

Somewhere along the way I lost that glimmer, spark or passion, let’s say. Not so recently I have made some amazing friends who are just as silly, dorky, nerdy and spazes. They are the best kind of friends. However, just like back then, I know I will get teased, picked on, and maybe even someone may think I’m weaker. I don’t worry anymore…. I have had years of it, let me bust your jaw and leave you lying in the dirt (mentally or physically, you choose which) if you think you can hurt us!…(me and the people in my mind!)


One thought on “The bug

  1. I’m glad you went with your heart and ignored your parents. We happily support your decision! (Minus moving away. 😥 I will support it, but not be happy about it. )

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