The Lost Squirrel

Yesterday was quite the day with my feeling under the weather and today continued with my fighting a cold. Taking extra vitamin C, drinking lots of fluid and even sleeping a little more than I usually do. However, overall I was emotionally feeling more calm and relaxed than I have in a long time.

Having downloaded some of my fav songs, put them on my phone and had a good day at work. Afterwards, it was another story. I went to the grocery store and they made me leave my backpack at the front entrance and there were many rude, irritated, and overall icky people walking around. I got what I needed and left as soon as I could because well, it was ruining my great attitude. On the way out, there was a little fur ball in the middle of the alley behind the stores and I decided to shoo it away into the grass again. It was a baby squirrel only about 2 months old. I kept trying to push it away and it wouldn’t go. Eventually it climbed up my leg, my back and hid in my hair. It wouldn’t leave.

I decided since I had previously helped take care of them (a couple of older friends had rescued some and their mom cared for them, I used to help) I remember a little bit and have requested help from J to keep this little one healthy. He had a restful night in the cat carrier that I converted into a home for him and is happy making his little nest. Debating letting him go now, somewhere safer than out here. It is a boy so if anyone has any ideas for names, let me know 🙂

Well, off to do more school work and stop dilly dallying.


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