Wet and wild

Now, firstly, all of you get your minds out of the gutter! I mean the weather!
Most of you know about my cycling to work but this was the first time I went home in the rain. It was lovely. The path I take goes along the river the whole way, starting at North River rd. all the way to Tunney’s. The river this afternoon was choppy and rough and you could smell the wet earth. There were geese everywhere and no one on the path. At first, there seemed to be no other women going home in the rain but after about 15 minutes there were a few, I really thought I was alone for a bit.
When I got behind the war museum it really started coming down and the water looked even more amazing, I barely noticed I was wet through and through. It was just so relaxing to go through the rain. I wanted to take off my helmet and let my hair down in the rain but I knew a certain someone would be angry at me so the helmet stayed on.
Ottawa isn’t my favourite city but living here is nice when the weather is good and you can get outside and be near the river. I still have trouble with the steep hill near the locks but soon I will be able to get up without having to walk up.
Daily route

Now that I am home, having a cup of tea, getting laundry and homework done. It actually is kind of nice to have a relaxing night.
Hope you all listen to a little jazz on this cool, rainy, romantic night. Feel free to ask suggestions đŸ™‚
– BiBi


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