Kicking Tuesday

When you think the hot mess from Monday is gone and that you have some reprieve from the chaos, Tuesday kicks you where it’s uncomfortable.

Last night, I took quick photos, didn’t eat dinner, worked on bow ties, filed paperwork, called places that needed calling back and finally hit the hay at 11pm. I was bushed. Over the last week, cycling to work has become more and more difficult and easy at the same time. My body is adapting to all the hills and exhaust fumes but it is also very tired in the morning and asks me “Dude, really?” to which my reply is normally “Yeah, seriously, I know…”

This afternoon I found myself needing caffeine (which I have stopped taking normally but really needed something) and wow, what a reaction. It was like a high.  Cycling home took less time, stopped at the grocery store, walked up the stairs with bike, backpack and groceries in hand, without losing any energy. However, there was a huge pit in my stomach!

Tuesday always leaves a little to be desired and I have kept on schedule with my projects. Now it’s a little one on one with Cecil and then bed.

Goodnight lovelies! Hope you are holding up a little better than I.



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