Ok, I have been a bad little girl! No posting, no texting, calling, writing, drawing or anything. The last end of my course was crazy. I also wasn’t working to focus on it and as is my style, became consumed by what I was doing.

I still have a little more to go and plan in taking it somewhat easy (if that’s possible) until May to make sure everything is done well.  🙂

There has been a lot of movement on my end these last few weeks. I got a contract job for 6 months to give me a reason to leave the apartment. It was getting bad… Lol. Almost done my course, looking for a new apartment to have an actual office, learned to tube my bike all alone, started a lineup for the spring and got veils coming out of my ears.

The only thing left is to clean the apartment and to try to sleep & eat. I have decided that I need to become more organized in my ideas and project so I have started going through everything before I move in June but good God is there a lot to go through.

I have 2 friend who blog regularly and I feel crappy that I haven’t been doing so and therefore solemnly swear to do better in the coming months until June  😉


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