Grey or shine

It hasn’t started raining yet in Ottawa and I am just about to start my day. I have come to the conclusion that thirty minute gap I have at home is not good for me so I have filled it with smaller tasks to help me complete more.

This month I will try to pickup the pace with posts and at the end of the month (around the 28th or March 1st) I will be starting a stitch along if you want to follow. Many people ask me to reach them to so things and others don’t want to or don’t have time to do them themselves. I want to create something fun for everyone to do for themselves.

Soon it will be spring and the dressed will come out of the closets. Whether you stick to,any weight loss goals, or over-indulged, I will be giving some tips clothing-creation-wise and hope you will share your experience and ideas as well.

For now it’s back to boring old job searching and school working  😛

Have a great day and stay inside of you can.


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