Ringing in the New Year

So as most people prepare their New Year resolutions, goals and dreams on December 31st to start on January 1st, I am working on the ones I had set up the year before.

I find it much more realistic to celebrate a new year on my birthday so this past week was a lot of soul searching, decision making and looking back on the last year. In the last year there have been a lot of violent with car accidents, job loss, dramatic outbreaks with old friends and some strange all around incidents.  It was frustrating, I have put on weight and had to deal with some ugly emotional scars and fresher wounds.

I have set some new goals and am currently working on scheduling my days to be able to put into practice all I need to achieve these goals. The next week in fact will be complete chaos as I will be trying to put everything in play. I know that this will in fact be worthwhile but I am concerned about getting everything done.

I have photos of some veils to put up and some shopping for materials to be done as well 🙂  Life can be rough sometimes… hahaha!

The most difficult thing will be finding time to exercise but I have to make more of an effort so as to feel healthier sooner rather than later.  Soon some before and after photos and more details on what’s going on. (Seeing as I have been having too much trouble doing coursework at work )

Have a good Monday ladies and gents! bis!


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