Give me my coffee and no one gets hurt

Yesterday I brought up the fact that the only thing I like at McDonald’s are their coffees. I stand by that comment. I thought back to the first time I had an iced coffee there and it was quite good. There is one place I would have iced coffee that I will never forget because ambiance and quality of coffee was amazing… Lambton. Hahahaha! That’s right, one of my old jobs. When I worked at the golf course there were so many wonderful people and some characters… Well, lots of characters. However, 10th tee was the place to be. Agent SK was the best boss to have and she showed me the ropes the and we have been friends since!
Today is her birthday and I hope she knows that she makes the best iced coffees, the best care packages and is a wonderful pen pal, unlike me! I vow from this point on to make sure that I become a better pen pal and I will send you something fantastic! All the best on your birthday!


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