A little want to…

Lately, especially in the mornings, it has become harder each time the alarm clack rings to be set on getting up to go to work. Working for someone else doesn’t seem to be made for me. I find working for someone leaves me happy to help but wanting the fulfillment of having created something on my own.

J has been really busy and now with my deciding to do the Wish foundation fundraiser, I doubt we will see each other through the week and just have our Sundays together. With both of us working non stop and dedicated to what we do, I really can’t wait to have something come out of this. I will have a month of shopping for supplies and some hardcore, line assembly of designs… Finding the motivation to do the trek to the day job is hard when I know I have so much waiting for me at home but I there are two songs that help me remember in the morning, both by Reba… Of course… A little want to and I’m gonna take that mountain.

Here’s hoping everyone can find that morning theme song to get them going and keep them focused on what matters.


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