Nespresso, how you make me feel better

Now, most of you who know me personally, know that J’s mom puts my coffee capsules in with the other drugs of the house… Ie: tylenol, aspirin… etc. No matter what happens, like canceling a trip to TO because of crazy issues that took forever to resolve. When I wake up the morning after, still dreaming of Totoya Sushi and a little cranky because I have to put off shopping another couple of weeks. Which in hindsight wouldn’t upset my bank account so much.

I wanted to clean all day because I was sad and want to create my new designs, I have Christmas gifts to finish and well, I can’t get started for another 2 weeks so I turn to the coffee machine recommended by a friend, bought for me by J and brew a delicious cup and ponder… Shall I do a little online gaming while I wait for J to wake up and take me to Fabric Land, yes, yes I will.

Nothing in the world makes you feel better… Except maybe winning a new machine…. 😀

Later Gatorz!

p.s. while going to the Nespresso site this morning to see any new flavours… I saw a new machine, *love*


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