Rainy Autumn Days

There’s honestly nothing like them. I miss Ireland really for the rain, I think I will need to go back just for the rain as if I didn’t have more reason like all of my friends back there. A nice vacation would be really welcome right now if things weren’t so tough and busy. All the thoughts and things I want to do here are keeping me from leaving but I’m seeing a couple vacations in the new year for sure!

Spring and autumn are my two favourite seasons, those who know me know that I love spring for the heat that is coming and all the fresh growth, autumn for the opposite, a clear end to a season and a year. However both seasons have lovely warm sun and well, less chances for me to burn! Which is always good…

I think next week’s menu should be root vegetable soups, tons of garlic, onion and ginger. There could also be hearty miso soup which I’ve gotten quite adept at making. If anyone has any idea on what kind of sushi could be “fall” sushi, I’d love some ideas.  As for vacation and time in Toronto it will be soon but I need to finish my course this weekend and I’ll see what shows are coming up and make it 2 birds with one stone.

Enjoy the great week we have ahead of us and enjoy the colours to come!


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