Ottawa grows on you

Ok, I have to admit, when you have a decent job, know the scene and finally find what you need, Ottawa’s not so bad.

So I have finally taken the plunge and embraced Ottawa wholeheartedly and started volunteering with Capital Pride which is some sort of fun, unimaginable until you get to meet everyone and see how wonderful they all are. I’ve met local Ottawa burlesque talent and oh my my…. Toronto, Montreal, you both better watch out, nerdy girls here are hott hott! I’m really looking forward to working with everyone some more and have a lovely crinoline skirt to make for this weekend so that a classy, make-up artist/ hair stylist can make herself even more fabulous than anyone else here. Also I have a few ideas for costumes up my sleeve despite no longer performing. I have to take the time now that I am no longer looking for another job (that’s right I have found something to be able to leave the call centre and it means no more headset other than for my cell)

All you lads and lassies from the centre, if you need anything email me or send me a message on facebook and I will try and see what we have however no guarantees as of yet ;).

Hopefully all this will mean by Christmas next year I can have a nicer place and maybe even a car…. oh my god, how a girl can dream! No more OC transpo and I do apologize to anyone who may use and enjoy the public transport here but I find it atrocious and unreliable. So I can’t wait to have my freedom!

Well, do keep your eyes open as the next few posts are going to be highly interesting and colourful… hahahaha!

Kisses! xxx


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