I have promised time and time again that I would take the time to update and get images from my previous costumes that I have made and I have inserted some extra fun ones for you here.

This first one was for my friend’s son who loved the Tim Horton’s commercial with the guy in the cup costume so we decided to remake him a “killer Cappucino” I am proud to say, there are tons of pictures with him and people at school. It was a big hit!

So something a little different from what everyone is used to seeing me do! I loved doing this and sad that I had to disappoint him last year with not being able to help with his costume and also with the costume for a homemade outfit party a friend of his was having. I hope that soon I will have the means to be able to see him and do more for him! I’m thinking of you my birthday buddy!

These are from the Grimm’s Girls and also the Nudie Blues shows, there’s the pink number I did especially for J to a rock song he gave me when we were in high school which I know if cheesey but you know, there was only ever one person who was able to guess that I liked him and if she reads my blog… Thanks for not pushing for answers. There’s a cute story to that but that’s for another day. I’ve put some of the photos up but I will be taking more soon. I have made a fatal error in purchasing rechargeable batteries that don’t last at all so again, I’m thanking you for waiting on me in my horrible use of technology.


So there we are for the time being. Things are hectic as usual and I will also be posting about the amazing show at Live Lounge soon! So talk to y’all soon and enjoy your Monday



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