Just something fun, it may turn your stomach

SO I have gotten my scanner working, I’m working on designs, baking and all around feeling pretty good. The news about work threw me a bit and the fact that some people have been let go scares me but I don’t really have a choice but to move forward. In the spirit of things that make me happy…. I have always known that I’m feeling good when I’m excited about food. I had a friend of mine appeal to my sweet tooth a little while back (along with my inner child) and he showed me this link : http://www.vat19.com/dvds/worlds-largest-gummy-bear.cfm

So I had mentioned that it would be so cool to have one and I ended up getting one for my birthday. At the moment they have many more colours and designs than when I got mine. I found the best way was to cut him with a steak knife or chef knife and make sure that I have a gummy steak. No one at work thought I could finish it… BUT I DID!!! OMG! he was delicious!

Hope you enjoy my headless gummy bear who remained unnamed for fear I would grow too attached.


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