Epic in everything!

So, let me re-iterate my love hate relationship with these cookies… Now the word epicurean and epic-failure have this cookie in common. Tomorrow (or rather, later this morning) will be my next attempt at the cookie. I call it the cookie because it makes it less of a challenge for me when I mentally prepare myself to make it, I have most ingredients and hope to just go get the last ones. I need a new baking sheet as my oven is too small for the other 2 I currently have and I will post pictures of what epic mess or success this has been.
The recipe I will be attempting is one I got online as it’s already got the converted measurements and I may have to convince J to eat chocolate this once to support my futile efforts. – I think it may be too much to ask actually.
I hope at least the image will remain etched in your minds forever because well, it’s just too awesome… Really has anything else looked so delicious and elegant in it’s simple beauty lately? *sighs* No…


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