A l’attaque!

Alright, for those who know me very well personally you will know how I can get obsessed about “certain” things. As an example, I need to be clean and when my apartment doesn’t reflect that I fall into a funk. SO! I have officially decided to attack the layout of my living room. I really don’t find it’s as productive as I need it to be and I apologize to certain people ahead of time. (Mostly J… ) because he will wonder what the heck has happened to my place. 🙂 He has been busy with all of his work lately and I have been wondering if he even pays attention to my posts at all. So J if you read this, pick up flowers this week 😉
Other than that I have been getting used to the fact that I have a boyfriend who doesn’t always ask me why I have to work so much. It’s refreshing and unnerving all at once. I have had too many relationships fall apart due to work and well, I have found someone who works more than me and it’s kind of strange. All I know is that I’m happy with him and not with my apartment! So I leave you my dears and I will soon be posting pics of the new layout and my most recent costumes. I’ve had trouble with Cut out and Keep to try and post my projects there but I will keep trying through this week.
Thanks for your patience my lovelies!


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