Coming soon… to a bedroom near you!

Hello! Greetings from the middle of the candle, either end is quite hot at the moment so I’m sending out a quick shout out to let everyone know I’m still alive.

I have a few cool projects coming up:

1) dress for a wedding with shawl

2) bowling shirts for 80s themed night

3) Line with a couple samples of ladies’ lounge wear and lingerie!

4) Updated photos from time to time from home and FINALLY the photos from the shoot with the AMAZING Irem Harnak! – honestly, everyone needs to call this girl! She was so fantastic to shoot with, was so helpful and knowledgeable, you couldn’t find a better photographer!

At the moment I’m off to hopefully find a better paying day job and also – **** 5) classes for learning to sew costumes/clothing and dance classes soon to be available!!*** Just hammering out details at moment but like I said, running like my ass is on fire here. Gimme a call or email at if you are interested.

Hasta pronto!


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