Getting a game plan

Recently due to some interesting (to say the least) events I have come to the realisation I have no real plan of my life, I never really have. I have vague ideas, some things I want but nothing I find I NEED to have.

Upon soul searching since coming to Ottawa, because Ottawa in the winter leaves you a little more than with *some* extra time, I decided for myself what I want. I wrote these things down and I know have a plan to get these things in my life. I know it will be a long road of hard work and lots of sweat (mostly tears knowing me) and I’m happy about it. I had a list of things I had written down a while ago that I wanted, picked it up and re-vamped it. I kept editing, scratching out, writing it back in and on top of that adding more until I came to the absolute truth of what I want right now in my life.

After this I realised… the slim cat ball is irritating, caught myself straying and pulled back to my train of thought. I don’t know if I’m a procrastinator or ADD but there’s something going on there. I need to borrow a page from books, articles and experiences I’ve had to do what I want and ensure to implement all of that into my life for myself. Tonight will be the big clean hopefully of the apartment and if you are reading this mon prince,  you will be put to work tonight if you want to stop by, hard labour!

Well my lovelies, I miss Toronto but Ottawa is becoming home, slowly but surely. I miss all my friends in TO and think of the often although I may not write to you or call as often as I should. It’s been a rough patch these few months and I’m sorry.

Kisses for now,



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