Finding it

Whether you call it a groove, your stride, whichever words you use to describe it, I’ve finally gotten mine back. It has taken a while and well, I have had *some* issues to say the very least. Some of you will recognize the posters I bought in Paris for 2 for 1 and well, fought off a guy who tried stealing my bag near the subway for the stupid things. Good thing he was your friendly neighbourhood robber and just laughed the whole situation off… Evidently I have also gotten a guitar stand so that I can more easily pick up and play which of course since I have gotten it I’ve picked up once, tuned and since it’s off again but you know, there comes a time for everything.

I have to admit that the bedroom is one of my favourite places in the apartment. Taking a midday nap on weekends is heavenly beyond comparison and I have high hopes for summer when the tree outside my window will be all full and green…. mmm… sorry, think I dozed off a bit there.

All in all things have been shaping up to be not too bad and things are starting to look up. Soon there will be pictures of the kitchen and the desk as well as projects and sketches. All in all it’s been a productive day and I think just one more thing to do before bed and maybe some Dylan Thomas while laying down with a whiskey & tea.

Goodnight all


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