Home sweet home

It’s really funny, I have moved so many times and in such a shot span of time and yet I finally feel like I have a chance at being “at home”.
Being from Ottawa it was weird coming back after so long and to come back to make a home. As you ma remember things in Toronto went into a downward spiral but that has lead me back here to my partner and love. This is where I hope now to set up shop and move on from this rough patch.
There were a bunch of great people helping me move in and i couldn’t have done it without them. With them helping we were able to get everything in within 45 minutes. The apartment has taken little time to be put together and now there will be time to slowly pull myself together and even start a stitch and bitch! I’m so excited to be able to have the chance to get a good group of girls together and just hang out 🙂
Well, off to get some time to relax!!!


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