Short, not crazy

Short tempered, short in stature… Napoleonic? nooooo….

I do want to conqueor but not the western world… or do I? I have been contemplating taking over the world because I haven’t had anything else to challenge my mind other than learning how to use Facebook. My recent rant about people and my loss of patience is not eased by the type of work I do. Please be kind to your non-selling telephone harasser. I do NOT sell anything over the phone. It’s only because you applied for something that I’m calling you! It’s not because I have nothing better to do.

For the most part I have my sketch / idea book next to me in case I need a little stress relief or I come up with an awesome idea to an angry song 😛

I have been working on my ideas seeing as I have NO acts in my repertoire… so I have all my ideas and now time to put it all together. The only fun thing, that means SHOPPING!


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