Top Chimp (or chump)

Ok, REALLY having a rough day at work yesterday… well rough couple of days/weeks…

I know there are many out there who can agree and I thought I just might share with you how I feel as you may be able to vent vicariously.

So I will  not name the place I work but I work in a call centre environment which can be hard on the nerves but my bone to pick is with collegues it  is when you have people that just don’t listen, don’t pay attention, don’t ask questions when they don’t understand and altogether just aren’t that quick.

There are a couple in particular that have been making my blood boil the last little while and I am very tempted to actually advise the manager that I do consulting work for them (ie: tutor them!). Give me all the textbooks for what needs to be learnt for their positions and in the time it takes me to read it I can probably do their jobs. Deal? But really, my heart doesn’t lie there and I know it’s just my own frustration with stupidity getting to me. I just want the work to get done and I can’t stand inefficiency.

If I were to take the courses and study I would feel like this is what I was doing

Really, is this what I want?


One thought on “Top Chimp (or chump)

  1. If you want help conquering the western world, I’m more than willing to help.

    As long as we can make science and math education manditory in our new world order (and less baroque liquor controls).


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