Blogs to follow

Being slightly mad and most likely demented. I woke up at 4am this morning (Thank you Mr. Prince Charmant… n’y’avait pas de train à prendre) but I decided to get up anyways, spend some long awaited quality time with the cat, extra long shower and scour the apartment for my lost photo album. If I’ve left it at anyone’s place, please let me know, I was almost in tears this morning.

I’m off again on a whimsical trip for a special dinner tomorrow (where I have to look my bestest I’m told) so I double checked my bags and supplies and now I’m catching up on my favourite blogs. One of which is one I have been following for about a year if not longer, I can’t really remember. But it’s a wonderful Irish stylist/writer, really she’s a little of everything and why wouldn’t I admire her work! I hope you enjoy the photo I’ve posted and I hope you check her out too.


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