Smells Like Youth Spirit

Ok, rant #2 of the day….

a) these people are irritating

b) smelly

c) I can’t catch a break (I know, but hey, my rant, my rules)

So at Kingston, crazy woman gets on by herself. I think nothing of it. Then in Belleville her boyfriend gets on. I wouldn’t really care  however they are now both reclined and thank goodness I was able to borrow a small laptop because he would have CRUSHED mine. But that’s just not the whole story. They smell and are really into public displays of affection. I assume the sex is hot and heavy because she was looking at a parenting magazine and they are either: 1) preggers already or 2) trying. Either way, no fun for me.

I will try my best to be calm and collected… Iron and Wine is helping… **sighs** Where’s my sick bag when I need it? Now there’s tongue… blech

p.s. they are in their young 20s and let me tell you, the youth deals with VIA, not at all worthwhile

p.p.s. I feel like this :


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