I’m always trying to do my best at believing that everyone has good in them and I have been told that I am too nice to people. I do so with the belief that people on a whole are good and want to do good. I have now however, lost patience with people, no matter how good or kind they may be because of those who have used and abused my patience in ways that I never could have thought up.

Apologies now for my rant, I really can’t handle this. Firstly it began when I left Toronto to go to Ottawa…. Toronto seems to have it out for me I swear, or maybe it’s just Torontonians (no offense to the good ones out there but I seem to meet the bad ones all at the bus and train stations. See I can’t even be mean in my rant! ARGH!!) Anyways! Some jack*** decides that the best spot for his sweaty ***self is right in front of me and constantly raising his arms above his head… Then there’s the girl who sat next to me, I’m sure it could have been worse but the looks she was giving me were definitely returned. Her angry annoying self should have set her *** in the aisle but NO decides that she’s constantly having to look over at me and scoffs at my sketching quietly against the window…. Jesus! Seriously!? Why don’t you let me take out my nice sharpies and draw you a new look of disdain so when you are looking in the mirror you can at LEAST have something new to look at because I’m certain you have to convince yourself every morning to get out of the house. How much did all that make-up and those trashy clothes cost? Oh and your poor boyfriend… too bad he didn’t help you with your heavy bags or pull the car up closer and made you walk…. You could use the exercise, I’ve heard it helps build self-esteem.

Leaving Ottawa this morning (being from Ottawa I can TELL who is either a) From or who has adapted to the ways of a smaller city or b) From or adapted to the ways of a big city… ) This couple was definitely classified as b). He was tall and skinny dressed like a preppy douche and she was dressed hippie bohemian chic. I wanted to really ask her how old she was because having needed that much Botox it was quite amazing, I couldn’t help thinking of Twilight and how with the overcast I may potentially still see her skin glitter!

Then there was the young College/University girl with a chip on her  shoulder. I’ve dealt with these ones in their natural habitat and I have seen how vicious they can be. Probably from Ottawa and going to school in Toronto… (yes yes yes, sounds like lil’ ol’ me don’t it? Wait and see how this one turns out) Goes to get a caned drink and magazine for her trip, no big deal. Doesn’t realise despite the signs that it’s cash only, sighs loudly and asks the kind woman behind the counter where the ATM is. No manners, no kindness and doesn’t thank the woman. I could have schooled the child. THEN (hahaha, here’s the fun part) She gets on the train before myself by skipping the line like the VIP she is, I sit right across from her RIGHT NOW and as I look down the aisle to see if anyone is going to sit next to me (hehe, I wanted the second table for the very important coffee… which is why I can laugh at this now… ) She looks me up and down as I’m emptying certain things from my knapsack and then throws on her shades. Ahem, let me tell you that I got on the train this morning at *checks watch* 5:45am. Sun was up just behind a ton of cloud. I made sure to gingerly stow away my bag and shoot the girls out, bend back in an extreme way… anything to accentuate myself then I winked at her… Yes, I did…  I have to admit, it was her gut that sold me on her 😉

There were also the young boys insulting French Canadians. I tell you, I had to ignore them… I almost lost it and they were  right behind me. Funny enough, that just took a look to one of the boys’ father. He told them sternly something, probably along the lines of “Simmer down!” hehe, see, coffee’s kicking in. Long live my only drug. I also put it cream, sorry Doc, it was there and I’m weak to its temptation. Now I’m off to work where ignorance is bliss. Can’t wait to have Burlesque and costumes to pay the bills…

Kimberly Patenaude
33 Wilson Park Rd.
Toronto, ON
M6K 3B6
Telephone: 647-204-2887
Highly motivated results oriented individual whose strengths are communication, negotiation, project and operations management who is seeking a position in a face paced and challenging environment allowing the utilization of skills in a way to aid progress and efficiency of the company.
Education and Qualifications
Ongoing:  Fluent in French, English, and Spanish (both written and oral)
2004 – 2006: George Brown College in Fashion Techniques and Design, Toronto, Canada.
2000 – 2004: De La Salle; French Arts and Advanced Learning High School, Ottawa, Canada
–                  Graduated with honours in higher advanced learning.
Canada Life Assurance
Tele-Medical Underwriter (bi-lingual representative)                                                                                        July 2009 to Present
–        Collect medical information from clients in a timely and professional manner
–        Maintain a professional demeanour while obtaining sensitive information
–        Satisfy client questions and concerns while maintaining excellent customer service
–        Utilize supplemental forms and questionnaires to probe for additional data in order to ensure Underwriters have all relevant facts to make an informed assessment
–        Educate colleagues different ways to organize and expedite completion of files in a timely and efficient manner
–        Train new employees
–        Review and edit the questionnaires for errors both grammatical and operational
Activision Ltd., Dublin City, Ireland
Localization Tester                                                                                                                                   December 2008 – May 2009
–       Localization testing for products to be released through Europe and North America
–       Communicating clearly and concisely in large teams
–       Managing time and work carefully as short turnaround times for projects
–       Ensuring great detail is taken in reviewing content of text in games as editing, proofreading and correct terminology is used considering context   and region
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Toronto, Canada.                                                                         August 2006 – October 2008
–       First Year: Worked as a bilingual telephone banking representative
–       Provided front line customer support on a wide range of banking issues
–       Technical support for Internet banking
–       Informed clients of products that may be suited for them and if they wished, set them up with them
–       Aided with ATM Card maintenance and password reset
–       Able to educate clients on all products, policies and procedures
–       Second Year: Worked as senior chargeback specialist with VISA Canada
–       Processed cases involving merchant and cardholder disputes though various channels
–       Negotiated with merchants, financial institutions and cardholders regarding solutions to the situation
–       Worked alongside fraud, legal and ombudsman offices to further solutions and see cases through to the end
–       Versed in VISA International Rules and Regulations
–       Can apply such regulations to a variety of situations
–       Translation of contracts, informational documents and customized client letters
–       Created spreadsheet for organizational reasons regarding files that need completion and follow-up
–        Advanced knowledge of AS400
–        Strong Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel skills
–        Excellent business acumen combined with demonstrated leadership, communication and collaboration skills
–        Ability to effectively collaborate with a variety of levels across an organization
–        Strong verbal and written communication skills
–        Highly self-motivated and driven to go above and beyond
–        Proven aptitude for negotiation and strategy
–        Analytical and problem-solving capabilities
–        Aptitude for learning new technologies and processes quickly
–        Excellent time management and organizational skills
–        Proven ability to manage multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced and time sensitive work environment with fluctuating priorities and deadlines
–        Commitment to superior service delivery
–        Demonstrated ability to lead others
** References available upon request **

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