Je connais le jeu!

Ok, well, things have been crazy hectic and I have had way too many ideas at one time that I can’t stop anymore almost to write or sketch because it would take up my whole day. I wish I had a mental folder I could stash all my ideas in and like my hard drive go back and pick up whatever I wanted when I needed it.

Right now I’m trying to find time to see the friends I haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up and again I’m sorry!

I have to stop and find a way to collect all my ideas in one place and actually have them be organised but there is not enough time in a day. I totally understand why people are saying that they need assistants to be able to handle all the work that they have!

Soon hopefully I can get my scanner to work and I have a couple of ideas that I will be implementing in the blog so keep an eye out for those changes soon!

xxooxx! Bibi


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