Ok, so I like a little drama…. After working at Miss last night I’m a little sore. I have been trying to work in those damned heels that are super skinny so it’s asking a lot of my little thighs and I’m a slightly*ahem* stiff this morning. But it’s nice to be back, even though I dance like I’m just outta the shower and heard the best song on the radio. It’s a bit of therapy for me really.

I have been trying to find ideas and I have gotten a few inspirations for accessories from a fabulous website that was suggested to me by a friend and I haven’t turned back since. I haven’t had time to post anything I’ve made but I will as soon as I get things organised. Wow, I realise I have been saying that for years now. I can remember being a kid and a girlfriend of mine yelling at me that I didn’t want to spend time with her and that I kept putting off actual cleaning to spend time alone. Really I just savour every moment cleaning. Odd I know but it relaxes me and is very therapeutic. Now back to this website, anyone can sign up and it’s really worth it! http://www.cutoutandkeep.net . Really you can’t go wrong! So many great ideas and I have been laughing at the idea that I’m not the only one out there when people have been saying that I’m alone in my strange ideas. I did stumble upon a blog that I just adore, it’s Twinkie Chan. Being it that I have been crocheting since I was young and it carrying so many good memories for me, her accessories really make  me happy and nostalgic. I do intend on buying something as soon as I have some spending money 🙂

Today is my re-scheduled audition for the Firecrackers and I’m nervous but being the clown I am… I hope I match the troupe and get in… I know that a lot of great girls tried out and I’m hoping that I my personality and massive ambition get me in. Lord love a girl willing to do anything 😉 used in vain and yes on a Sunday…

Anyways I’m off to get some final things done and practice a couple more times (stretch a little :P) and hope to have updates later!


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