All the exotic smells…

So! Today I have had a couple interesting experiences that I have to say I really enjoyed. Normally my shopping trips in Chinatown leave me frustrated and cranky but that seems to be only grocery shopping. I went to an herbalist today where I had to go buy all the stuff that I was told to take and well, I expected to leave frustrated because it’s hard enough when I know what I want and people are stepping in front of me and yelling but it was a very pleasant experience.

The kind man’s name was John and took his time to explain to me how to find the types of things I was looking for, how things are named and understanding the language (very basically, seeing as I know NO Chinese) but I have to admit it was a lovely time. I had some tea that albeit too sweet was still good and I was upset to have to go back to work.

The only complaint I have is the odd smell of these little balls… Again, as soon as I get photos to work, I will add some… Promise. They look gross but don’t really taste anything, they just smell like they’ve been rolling around the floor. However! A new bakery was suggested for me to try so I will have to go back this coming week and try it 🙂 Maybe on Wednesday as a pre-Coco and DD class! OH THE POSSIBILITIES OF A WEDNESDAY! The two of them together is an unstoppable force!


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