So for the past little while I’ve had my health kick my behind and I have not been able to get a handle on it at all. I finally got a handle, some meds from the ER and now some party level stuff that dissolves to help the pain.

I took my friend’s advice and went to see his old TCM (traditional Chinese medicine doctor) and I have to say I have confidence that this may work out. There are a lot of changes and I will be posting the things that she has asked me to do in case anyone else has the same symptoms, maybe you can try a couple changes yourself.

I have to say, she restored my faith and confidence and she was so kind and sweet! Jeanette, you rock! (I know she may not read this but hey, I have to say, I’m being bad right now by having popcorn but hey, it’s the last time because tomorrow at lunch I go get my stuff so one last shot of butter for my soul to get me through this!) – I was trying to add pics but having a little trouble with figuring out what I did wrong…

Anyways, a bad of jiffy pop, although I barely had any has made me feel nostalgic for a little while but I believe my bed is calling me. Head is pounding and before I hit the hay, it’s off to finish and print my notes.



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