Woot woot

Ok, patience and perserverance have paid off… although I did lose my song (I didn’t fight for it really) to Red… She is fun and I forgive her only because of the love of country keeps our bond strong!

I’ll be working alonside her at Dance Dance Evolution, the funraiser for the Toronto Burlesque Festival and I can’t wait! It’s going to be full of great performers, fun games and I’m certain laughs.  You’ll have to stop by the Wheel of Peel to come see us! It’s at the Great Hall at 1087 Queen W.

Then this coming Tuesday is going to the Mitzi’s Showcase, my debut show… I’m so scared and I hope as many of you as possible can make it. It’ll be nice to have friendly faces around. It’ll be at Mitzi’s Sister starting around 9pm but it’s best to get there around 7ish if you want a seat!

I’m off to get back to regular work… shhh… Pete,  I know you can see my screen… you better be quiet or I’ll tell on you!


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