Sink or swim

Alright, so the week in Ottawa, home, was not what I thought it would be and I’ve come back a little behind and feeling kinda sick so I’ve done nothing productive Monday or Tuesday. I will need to reschedule my week and hope that I can get everything done.

One good thing is that my ancient machine will be getting a face-lift thanks to a wonderfully spicy man I’ve just had the honour of meeting. (Who needs to let me know how I can make it up to him) Other than that I think I can grasp everythign that needs to be done and by Saturday night I should be done alot of things.

I wish I had things a little more organised and some time to apologize to my friends because I’m basically going to disappear for 2 weeks and re-appear only the last week on the 25th at Mitzi’s for the show and then the 30th for my half marathon at Sunnybrook!

I know I have been saying this for WAY to long but I will be scanning photos and if you check the website over the next couple of days I am really hoping to have things moving around and updated. 

However as a last note I wanted to add that I have been shown the most amazing of funny blogs recently that I have to post this so that if anyone is feeling bad this is sure to make you feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

Thanks Allie!


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