Weekly posts

Hey There!

I’m quite certain that weekly posts are going to become my thing seeing as I barely have time for sleep anymore. I’m a little over a week but I think I’ve come to the conclusion on how I can fix this problem…. I’m going to find a way to alter time and create 1 extra day and 1 extra hour… ok, maybe 2 hours and I’m going to clone myself. This sounds like a good plan however if I can barely get my computer working, how will I ever get cloning down?

Since the last post, so much has happened that I will try to just give a summary of everything so far:

I will be officially getting my portfolio and old sketches back

I did my very first amateur photo shoot (I’m an amateur, no offence to the wonderful people behind the scences, and I will be coming back on that experience in another post, maybe tomorrow or Sunday when I get the photos ;))

I have 4 themes ready for lines for my clothing line and 3 ideas for choreographies so I just can’t wait

I will be having shows in maybe August and June – dates to come soon

I have set up a temporary website for everything, trying to create a fanpage on Facebook for all of you who follow (I’m a technological idiot so I will be still working on that)

Also there was a new purchase! Gorgeous red shoes! I figured with all the overtime I have been putting in at work and all the hours dancing at Miss Behav’n I could warrant myself a new pair of shoes! I will have to take a few photos and I think I will also need to do another photo shoot next month with Red (Red Herring) and her amazing and extremely talented boyfriend/make-up artist Mark (Mark Boyer)! Then let’s not forget the photographer Mr. Ken Lamb! He was so easy to work with and there was good laughs and I felt really comfortable around him. I really have to thank everyone, you guys helped me really feel comfortable and ready now to do a second shoot!

I will come back to every one of these things and more in a little bit, as for now after my big bad dance class I need some sleep because the 8-4 days are still in effect so I’ll need to be office ready.

Sweet dreams ladies and gents, xoxx


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