Up and at ’em!

I know it will seem strange to most but I love the fact that it’s raining. Last night I took it easy as I haven’t been feeling well but as I was watching a little tv, all wrapped up in blankets, I could smell the wet dirt from the garden mixed in with someone using a fireplace in the neighbourhood. It was lovely.

I have finally compiled a list of my new favourite brushes from MAC:

213 fluff brush
208 angled brow brush
239 eye shader brush
316 lip brush
190 foundation brush

They are great! I absolutely love them and see, I was productive if only a little. This weekend didn’t turn out like I had planned and I ended up not doing what I wanted to and now I’m slightly… I mean, let’s be honest. I’m really behind on work which I’m hoping to catch up on. The nice weather lured me out of my hobbit hole and into the great big world. I’m glad I did go though, finally went into that tea place I had been eyeing from Queen st. I got a great herbal tea called Southern Belle (not helping my “country” ahem, persona) that I will be loving for the next couple of weeks in an iced tea! I was thinking maybe of a sort of frappé with soy…

Anyways I should get back to work, have a good day y’all 😉


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