Makin’ it all up here folks

Apparently, rules mean nothing to me. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I’ve always lived under the guise that creativity cannot be harnassed and that creative minds are the most unreliable but wonderful.

I think I will be more reasonable on myself and maybe start writing once a week instead of expecting that I can do this daily. I might in the future but for the moment things are too busy to do that.

I have not only my own designs to finish but I have to find my old stuff in boxes, scan, print, save, organise and post them… On top of doing that with all the new stuff too. I have company coming this weekend and although I know that I can always just excuse myself to work a little, I feel bad doing that. I also will be working on some costumes with a friend of mine and I’m hoping to have the sketches up by tomorrow or Friday.  I was also thrown into thinking about business cards and this weekend when I was away, I tore out pieces of my sketchbook to hand over to people to keep in contact.  Another project you think?

Speaking of other projects, I will also be working with one of my bestest best friends (oh yes, we are THAT cheesey!) on a book project.  I’m excited and nervous because other than the blog and my journal, I don’t write. She’s amazing with writing, languages (studies translation… obviously!) and I hope that I can keep up. Ach! Why not eh?


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