Rule#2: Accepting Defeat

Alright, consistency out the window and time to welcome defeat through the door.

I was sent tumbling and I think I’ve finally landed on firm ground. Personal life took a shake recently and has taken me away from the blog mentally but I think I’m back on track now and ready to move forward.  I won’t be dancing for the next few weeks and it’s kind of welcome. I can take a break and step back for a little contemplation and planning. (I still haven’t forgotten, I have to come back to the make-up. I put some on this morning and looked over at the list I have waiting for me.)

I will be going away for a weekend to Montreal in 2 weeks and I hope that I can add a post from there. I’m hoping that I can maybe also catch a Burlesque show while I’m there too and do a bit of therapeutic shopping. (oh man!) I’ll be bringing my camera, make-up and sketchbook with me to get by and as I’ll be spending it with one of my best friends it really couldn’t get any better.

I will be going through things in the work room tonight and trying to find all my CDs and floppies (yes I still have a few with stuff I haven’t transferred) and I will be uploading images and previous work to the Portfolio page. I’m not really ready to add any sketches as I’m still working on them but here’s hoping I can finally get them done soon! It will be a spring/summer 2010 line for women and I hope you enjoy. I’m already brainstorming for fall/winter 2010 and forecasting for next spring/summer as well. If there’s anything in particular anyone is jonesin’  for as far as any pieces or any requests , drop me a line and I’ll do some up for fun!

Thanks for your patience and here’s to accepting when “it” hits the fan! Cheers!

p.s. I should mention that in a few weeks there will maybe even be a video on You Tube featuring yours truly by my favourite amateur photographer! I’ll keep you posted as things move forward.


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