Well, as you can obviously see, this is a blog about my journey as an aspiring dancer/designer and I will be keeping you in the loop not only of projects that I have completed but also of the all the hurdles and ways to get around them as I meet each one.

This is my first real post and I wanted to just outline the sort of things that you will be able to follow along with. I will discuss the details and techniques of Fashion Design, from sewing to crochet, meeting with materials and many other tools you may use to achieve your final piece. If there are any questions you want to direct to me or even questions regarding my posts, feel free to ask. This is a learning environment for all and I want to stress that everyone makes mistakes and well, to be honest, sometimes we will fail miserably but without that you’d never get better. Also there will be posts about dancing, not any one style. From ballet, jazz, hip hop and burlesque, to name just a few as well as music and composition of choreography. To tie all these together there will be discussion regarding branding and creating not only a label/persona that you wish to send out there but also if wanted, one to reflect yourself.

I hope to be adding a post soon, I’m off to work now and then off for make-up make-over and lessons!


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