Welcoming spring pt.2 -the thaw

In conjunction with the snow, there have been a couple delays but I’m working around those. I will create a cool, quiet, meditative room where I can recharge and relax.

Here are some more photos: 





These are the bits and baubles to help create my little world. There will be other parts to come. We need a maintenance guy for help… Like good children roomie and I don’t want to break the current fixtures.

Well chickies, time to move furniture and wash walls!

Welcoming spring pt.1

The last week has kicked me down and around but I gave myself until Sunday to feel bad.
It is now Monday, so no more feeling bad.

Friday was a day of errands and then a night out for a friend’s birthday. We went to the town crier and it had lovely good and beers. I will post later about those.

Earlier that day we had seen something a little special at a shop and I wanted it so bad. I had to wait to get it as being upset can make a person buy things and later regret it.

This brings us to Saturday…. I bought the thing I wanted. I’m painting my room this long weekend so this will be a special something to aid with the transformation. Here is a sneak peek:


You will need to wait for part 2 of this post to see the whole thing.

I want to play a game while I wait for my white roses. It will take a while until I see them so this will help brighten my days and nights until then. Oooohhh if only Tamaki were real, sadly he is but an anime character.

Until part 2 my lovelies, princess BiBi is out!

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Prohibition Gastrohouse

What can I say but wow.

It was busy the moment I walked in and waited at the bar for a table. They did everything you would expect and more. The people at the bar during the “Hooch Hour” were pleasantly talkative after a few cheap pints and wanted to chat and give advice to a first-timer.

The suggestions for the food were plenty, nothing apparently was bad on the menu. I opted for the pulled pork grilled cheese and my friend had the bison burger. They were attentive but not overly so, we hadn’t seen each other for a long time and they read the situation. It was a perfect night. The beer selection was good staples and the offer for help selecting was always there should you need it to pair the food with beer.

I will definitely go there again for sure. Next time I will try for the 4-7 or the 10-12 Hooch Hour.

Bon appetit lovelies!

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New windows and balconies

A lucky duck is me!

It was supposed to start in June but the management has decided to wait until late summer to replace our windows and balconies! Excellent! That means home patio time. There is something so soothing about watching the city buzz by and enjoying a tan on the balcony after a long day at work. The added bonus is that for my birthday I will still be able to sit outside and have a coffee while listening to quiet music and contemplating the next steps.

My birthday is what I consider my new year. I love coming up with the year’s new goals, updating old ones and pressing on forward. It is the time of the year I look forward to for a fresh start. There is a lot of emotional weight to it but it holds true that I push forward to the next one each time. Hopefully, this year will be made more fun as I have made some plans with my little sister (I have claimed her as such, for those who know about my actual family) and I think if it’s super nice, there might be pool or beach time… After the winter we have had that was harsh and bitterly cold, this has been long-awaited and earned.

No more “loading screen” of white outside the window. Let there be sun and warmth to all our days this summer, speckled with refreshing, cleansing rain.

Hugs lovelies.

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Long live the bitch

A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
informal. Express displeasure; grumble: “the guys were all bitching about commuting time”.

It’s a term I am very familiar with as it is often used to describe me. I am that person who scolds others to move to the back of the streetcar, yell at bad drivers who don’t watch where they are going, and frankly having held in much of what others saw as a flaw has worn me down. I want to yell, scream, judge and complain about others. Injustice bothers me, people who are purposely ignorant, rude people, and blatant disregard for others in ones’ immediate environment.

I have made it my point to be more outspoken when things like this happen. It takes very little to show kindness and having watch it and said nothing would cause me physical pain. No more.

Good morning world, I’m back.

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From the quiet mist, a lunatic rises

So I have not disappeared completely my kittens.

There has been much going on and much of it was in my own head. Not that all the personal stuff is dealt with I have come to the realization that several things were holding me back. There was a fear of being noticed and ridiculed, there was a fear of my writing not being good enough for online consumption, and even as silly as my not being good looking enough. That’s right, I believed you all could see me and judge me. Luckily I have snapped myself out of this but with the help of the procrastination fairy I have been doing many other things and now have much to do still.

I have also applied for more jobs because who doesn’t want to work 24 hours a day doing what they love? This gal has decided that’s what she wants!

The reasons I hesitated, the reasons I was afraid, I cannot let them hold me back forever. No matter how scary…. Here we go!

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Assembly line

It’s fun finding posts you forgot to upload… Hehehe, sorry!

With day job, studies, and moving, I have gone by something J tells me often when it comes to anything in life,”proper planning prevents piss poor performance”

Most nights have been spent setting up bits and pieces of the item without finishing many of them. Last night and today were spent completing those items.







As you can see, there was chaos and there still is a little more to go but I decided to take the photos of the completed items tomorrow when I have my heads and photo booth.

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